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László Leber - Piano blog - Zongora blog

László Leber

My name is László Leber. I was born in 1988.

My original job is not music, I'm a senior software engineer with eleven years of programming experience.

I danced for 10 years in the Tűzvirág dance group in Paks, Hungary. After that I started to practice in capoeira training (Afro brazilian martial art), which also have musical side. Now i have blue-red belt, it's nearly the first instructor level. In December, 2013 I saw a very nice piano piece on the internet, and I decided to learn to play the piano. In February,2014 I bought my first piano , Yamaha YDP 162. After that I used a Yamaha CPL 565 grand piano, currently I own a Yamaha CLP 535.

The music sorrounded me in all of my hobbies. The music is the base of the dance and of capoeira as well.

I got hooked on playing the piano when I heard Yiruma playing "River Flows in You", it's one of the best modern piano pieces nowadays. First I just listended to piano music, then I bought a MIDI keyboard. It has only three octaves, so I realized soon that didn't serve my needs. After that I bought my first "real piano", Yamaha YDP 162 and my first piece, "Light in the forest", was born in 2014.

Learning to play the piano

I have been playing the piano since december 2013. For one year I was self thaught pianist and after that I joined PRO Artis conservatorie. My first piece was "Für Elise" of course :). After that I learned harder pieces like Beethoven's Pathetique sonata's second movement and Chopin's Nocturne Op.9. No. 2. After that I tried to learn Beethoven's Moonlight sonata's third movement - Presto Agitato - which is a really hard piece even for professional pianist. I learned a little part of Franz Liszt's La Campanella, too. I know that I can't play these pieces as well as a pro pianist, but it's a pleasure for me to play them from the beginning to the end.

With my current piano teacher we work on my technique, she gives me easier pieces to improve my skills. My last piece that I learned is Chopin's Nocturne in C-sharp minor Op.posth, which can be found on my web page.

Composing music

Composing music is a hard task, which should be learned for a very long time. My pieces aren't written in the same way. There are pieces which are inspired by present thoughts and feelings and there are pieces, which are created during improvisation on piano or inspired by other pianists' pieces, for example classical pieces.

As a beginner composer, my biggest problem is to create the accompaniment (left hand) for my pieces. I have many idea which contains good melodies, but melodies themselves are not pieces. We have to make nice accompaniments too. My first few pieces' accompaniment were simple. My first piano teacher said, that they are simple, but not looks amateur. It was a big praise for me. It's not a scheme, that an accompaniment must containts complex patterns. For example, take a look at Yiruma's "River Flows in You", it's very simple, but is a strike of genius, millions of people love it.

First at the end of 2016 in my two new pieces "Returning dreams" and mainly in "Soul of piano" I created better accompaniments.

I'm very happy that I have my current skill in piano playing and I'm looking forward to write better pieces and play harder classical pieces as well.

Contact: stylerpiano AT gmail.com