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László Leber - Piano blog - Zongora blog

2016.10.23.: Franz Liszt - La Campanella

Composer: Franz Liszt Performer: László Leber

About the piece: "La campanella" (Italian for "The little bell") is the nickname given to the third of Franz Liszt's six Grandes études de Paganini ("Grand Paganini Études"), S. 141 (1851). It is in the key of G-sharp minor. This piece is a revision of an earlier version from 1838, the Études d'exécution transcendente d'après Paganini, S. 140. Its melody comes from the final movement of Niccolò Paganini's Violin Concerto No. 2 in B minor, where the tune was reinforced by a little handbell.
This is my practice of Liszt's La Campanella. It's a really hard piece which is actually not in my skill level, because I have been playing piano only for 3+ years, but i love this piece and I learned one more part after my previous video in 2015. So here is the part1 + part2

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